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Title: Touch Probe & Tool Height Setter Hookup
Post by: jevs on March 08, 2015, 12:23:25 PM
I have two Wildhorse Econo-probes. One is setup as a tool height setter, and one is set up as a probe. I want to use both.
Can I have them both connected at the same time?
I was thinking of mounting the height setter on the back corner of my table and just leaving it hooked up.
Then the probe would go into one of my tool holders and either always stay loaded with the wire safely wound around it somehow, or I would pull the tool from the turret and make a place it can be hung inside the machine out of the way.
So, the probe may or may not get electrically disconnected, but I was going to leave the tool height setter one always hooked up.
I was going to install two stereo jacks on the inside panel of my machine for this. I am just not sure if they would be wired in parallel internal and just share the same input, or if they would be on separate inputs?
Starting from scratch today on this...