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Title: Mach3 and Machscreen.
Post by: Oldraven on March 01, 2015, 05:38:16 AM


I have posted here earlier (Need Help) about a strange behavior of Mach3 Tool number DRO 24.

If I execute this; SetDro(24,x) the the Z- and Z- DRO's (on my lathe screen) also changed value at random.

I made a new profile, in fact copying the one in use and this problem was gone. The SetDrO(924,x) functioned fine and both the X- and Z-axis were OK.

But, AFTER using Machscreen the situation was back as before.
Machscreen, on loading the .lset) reported a corrupted file.
Saving the .lset after changing a Button, caused the SerDro(24,x) the malfunction again.

Working on the .lset file, that causes Machscreen to report as Corrupt File, and after saving the .lset again throws the DRO functions into a faulty behavior.

I do not know why the .lset is reported corrupt. Machscreen gives me no clue.

Would using Screen4 be a better choice ?