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Title: tool height gauge setup help
Post by: baycitycustoms on November 24, 2014, 09:25:13 PM
I trying to use my tool height gauge/sensor for the first time and i just need a little help on set up. i have read many blogs and u tube vids and am now bit unsure.

this is the sensor i have,

I use my the top of my stock block as my z datum normally because of the nature of my work and i have only manual tool change to date.

I am hoping to set my height sensor in a standard position off to the side of the bed and be able to have mach3 or an add-on allow me to set the tool height relationship to the determined z zero of the top of the stock block i am using and remember the offset relationship. Then, when i do a tool change just go back to the tool height sensor and zero the tool tip and the z value automatically re calibrate my z machine location so my tool tip is in the same location as the previous tool tip. I would prefer to avoid have to use the bed base as my zero if possible.

Is this standard in mach 3 and how do i use it?

If not is there a good add-on that works in this way?

If neither please suggest the best solution recommended.

Can someone please post a link to the metric macro i need for my auto tool height button?

god bless matt