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Title: Win 7 Mach3 not communicating with PCI PP
Post by: phinsil6 on September 11, 2014, 11:39:36 PM
Hello, I am demo'ing Mach3 with my gSheild, typically I use grbl but i'm attempting a transition to Mach3.  A while back i bought a Rosewill PCI PP.  When I checked in resources tab, i get an address of EC00.  I entered that into Mach3Mill and Mach3 doesn't seem to be communicating with the PP.  I have a Win7 32 bit OS.  I ran the driver test as an admin and the driver test shows an "excellent system" with 100kHz.  When I look at Diagnostics Tab and try to jog the machine, none of the "Port 1" pins show any lights, but then again I don't even know if they even should.  I also have the BIOS set to ECP DMA0.

Any thoughts?