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Title: Computer hardware for Mach?
Post by: tonyfoale on June 24, 2014, 07:18:52 AM
I am just setting up a Mach 3 system with a Galil motion Controller card.  So the hard work will be done inside the Galil.
My question is, "Is Mach 3 performance overly dependent on the PC speed and RAM size?  Is a multi-processor PC an advantage?".  The PC will be dedicated to only run the Mach 3/Galil combination, no internet connection nor other software.   
Title: Re: Computer hardware for Mach?
Post by: Hood on June 24, 2014, 07:47:08 AM
Dont think you will have an issue with any computer you can get today when using an external controller.
On two of my machines I use Via Pico motherboards with 1Gig integrated CPU and 1 Gig RAM, the Chiron uses a mini ITX mobo with a 1.6Gig Atom CPU and 1 Gig ram and the wee lathe and coil winder both use old point of sale all in one computer/monitor/touchscreens and they have 2Gig Celerons with 1 Gig RAM.

All have onboard graphics and all are networked to my desktop computer for easy file transfer.