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Title: How to program a toolsetter probe
Post by: dbren on March 03, 2014, 04:00:53 PM
I need to use Gcode to activate a tool height setting.

Can anyone show me a sample code that will position the tool above the toolsetter, initiate the downward move, and reset the tool height offset?

The tool will have already been touched off, but this is to double check the engraving tip and make any adjustments needed while in a loop program doing multiple parts.    I'm building a single part changer so I can mind my other machine while this machine is engraving.

I'm thinking something like this:

G1 X___ Y___ Z___ F 50. (Go to position above toolsetter)
G31 Z-.1 F15.  (Does this initiate a move to the toolsetter?)(I have not been able to find real instructions, so I don't know what happens after it trips the toolsetter switch)
G10 L1 Z0.  (reset T1 height offset???)

I appreciate any help or leads to someone who knows how to do this.
Title: Re: How to program a toolsetter probe
Post by: dbren on March 03, 2014, 07:10:42 PM
I got a reply from a machine company rep who said they don't normally recommend Gcode or programming, but he made a one-time exception and said to try this. It may take me a few days to work it into my schedule, but below is what was recommended. Like him, I'm not responsible for anyone who tries it and I plan to hand trip the toolsetter the first time to test it.

1. Set up your toolsetter on the table

2. Select a work offset coordinate system that you don’t plan on using for your part program, e.g. G58

3. Remove any tool from the spindle and type ‘0’ in the tool dro (this cancels TLO)

4. Remove the collet or tighten the drawbar to the point where the collet no longer protrudes past the spindle face. We will be touching the spindle face off on the toolsetter

5. Use the “Move and set work offset” button on the Z probe screen. This will move the spindle face down until it touches off on the top of the toolsetter, and set the G58 Z position to Zero right at the triggered position of the toolsetter

6. Then, in your g code program, use the following code (I’ll assume you’re in G54 and measuring tool 1 for this example):

a. G49 (Cancel TLO)

b. G58 (Switch to work offset G58)

c. G0 X--- Y--- (move the tool over the toolsetter)

d. G31 Z-10 F15 (probe tool down till it touches the toolsetter)

e. G10 L1 P1 Z#2002 (set the tool length offset value to the G58 Z position where the probe tripped)

f. G0 Z3 (move up to safe distance)

g. G54 (reapply old work offset coordinate system)

h. G43 H1 (apply new TLO for tool 1)
Title: Re: How to program a toolsetter probe
Post by: Jimster on March 06, 2014, 09:45:14 AM
Have you tried this yourself yet?
Title: Re: How to program a toolsetter probe
Post by: dbren on March 06, 2014, 11:17:47 AM
No, I haven't had time yet.  I'll post as soon as I can test the method and let you know the results.  If you beat me to it, please let me know how it worked.