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Title: New G100 Plugin
Post by: cybertek on March 09, 2007, 09:42:10 PM
Let me start by saying
Thankyou for all the hard work!

Got new plug-in working but have two questions

1: How can i tell if i am allready licenced for the G100 plug-in besides seeing if it times out in an hour.

2: Softlimits?  Are they operational yet
Note: if i go past a limit i see a message in the status window and get a ding sound (G100 No Jog Allowed)
But it still keeps on jogging!

Request: More info in video on Configuration Data
Pulse Mode, Encoder Control,External/Internal Increment, Maximum Frequency.
As well as G100 Diagnostics/Demo screen of seeing ports and pins status, and some way to toggle outputs ( analog/digital manualy) with software

When you feel better no rush
Think i have got it two (the flue that is)