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Title: BP Ez-path lathe
Post by: malzra on June 05, 2013, 03:16:58 PM
I recently bought a Bridgeport Ez-Path lathe 1995 edition with a EMI (Electro-Mechanical Integrators) Retrofit package I would like to know if anyone knows, seen or heard of using mach3 on one of these machines.

The way this retrofit works is EMI replaced the original computer with a more modern one but kept all BP controller boards ( Vintage ISA slots and all ) I'm fairly sure I can run windows on it just wondering if Mach could talk to these old boards i believe it's called a BMDC (I could be wrong)

For the record the machine works fine but the BP software on it isn't what I'm used to. I have a Series Two BP with a Mach 3 package and I'm very happy with it. (And very used to how it works)

Title: Re: BP Ez-path lathe
Post by: Hood on June 06, 2013, 02:48:55 AM
You will not be able to use Mach with the existing boards I am afraid, well you likely could if you managed to write a plugin but that is likely not an option for the vast majority of people.