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Title: G41/G2 cutter comp
Post by: garyhlucas on May 13, 2013, 07:20:45 PM
I have noticed that most software does the approach to the part with G41 or G42 with a single move. I have always done it with an additional very short (0.010") straight move after the G41/42 but  BEFORE plunging in with the Z axis.  I don't like the compensation being applied after the cutter is in the material as it often cuts material I'd like to keep. When trying to apply cutter comp to a small pocket the single move method may very well destroy your part.  The way I do it the cutter goes right into the pocket.  I also like to use a radius on and off the part, as the entry and exit points are not visible that way.

Another thing I do in the design phase of a part is I never make the inside radiuses on size for a standard end mill.  I typically design 1/4" radiuses as 0.260".  When cutting with a new full size cutter it sweeps the corner with clearance and doesn't chatter.  When someone else designed the part with a 0.250" radius I usually grab a reground end mill and sweep the corner that way.  At one shop I worked at I became very popular with the tool room guy because I was always asking for regrinds instead of new end mills.

Gary H. Lucas