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Title: Start, stop, reverse and stop again
Post by: ostie01 on November 28, 2012, 04:35:25 PM

I will have a huge lot of small stainless pipe (3/8 X .030 wall  X 0.938 bend radius)) to bend at 180 degree,

I've built a small bender and would like to automate the process a bit.

What I want to do is :

1: Activate the air cylinder to clamp the pipe to the bending die.

2: push start

3:The bender bend the pipe to 180 degree + spring back

4: Hit the limit switch and stop (adjustable)

5: Rewind the bender to the home limit switch and stop

I have a spare 3 phases motor (with worm gear, high torque) and a VFD

Would like to know if it can be done only with the VFD or I would have to use Mach3 to control the bender.

Thanks for any help,