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Title: New Product - LMTS-4T for Taig controllers
Post by: Jeff_Birt on November 25, 2012, 05:55:55 PM
This is another product that was inspired by our customers. A customer with a Taig controller liked the LMTS-4I we make for Gecko G540 based controllers and wanted something similar for his Taig controller. The Taig controller has an 'I/O' plug on the back that is used for Taig's 'Spindle and Auxiliary Control Module' (to turn spindle and coolant pump on/off.) There are also four inputs available on this same connection. Since most everyone will want to still be able to use the spindle control as well as the inputs this meant a pass through design was needed.

I took the LMTS-4I case and added a 8-pin DIN connector for the spindle control box and a DB9 for connection to the Taig controller to the back panel. A DC input jack was added to the front panel so prox sensors could be powered. A 6' DB9-to-CIN cable is used to connect the Taig controller to the LMTS-4T.

I've been testing them for several months now and have found the LMTS-4T to be a great addition to the Taig controller. It gives you an easy way to connect limit/home sensors, a tach and/or a probe to your Taig controller.