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Title: Help for Jogging with Joystick
Post by: Beckett on June 17, 2012, 10:46:38 AM
Hi all
I would appreciate some help in setting up and jogging with a Joystick.
I'm building a 6M by 2M cutting machine and have an industrial joystick with 8 buttons and a trigger (came from a container crane).
I am using a smooth stepper with 2 C10 breakout boards for controlling.
I have setup the Joystick to function and it works well, can start and stop program and jog X Y and A axis plus other functions using OEMs etc.
However I have a problem that I cannot seem to overcome.
I want to jog or move the knife cutter to a certain position on the table and then zero the axis and start the cutting program from my selected position on the table.
I have set my speed at about 30,000 units per Min for running the program and this works well. However when I jog using the joystick the speed is the same and I need to jog at a much lower speed to accurately position the knife.
I can zero OK but need to change the jogging speed. Is there a method of slowing down the jog feed speed ??
Could someone help to point me in the right direction to achieve this. I have some spare buttons to use.

Title: Re: Help for Jogging with Joystick
Post by: Hood on June 17, 2012, 11:25:13 AM
Never used a Joystick so not sure if the Slow Jog works with it or not. If it does then you could just set the slow jog to whatever % you want.