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Title: mach3 setting problem
Post by: CNCexplorer on June 05, 2012, 01:46:22 PM
hw's every body doing? I have a school project for a 3 axis linear system. We are using the l297 as our controller and uln2003 as our driver. Every thing is hook up and powered up. But its very hard to find the right setting for the stepper motor like the steps,velocity,acc etc. BTW we are using a nema17 6 lead wire, unipolar drive, 10oz-in, .9 degree,1/4 threaded screw 13tpi.  At 200 step,1500v,500ac is the close to running it properly we have got to. Also what configuration to use for max torque.
the motor is behaving very wierd like its jurky and change direction when apply load or doesn't move. but other times runs sort of fine. Is 10oz/in enough to move the frame for x axis show in the pic(a prototype).

have a good one
Title: Re: mach3 setting problem
Post by: Tweakie.CNC on June 07, 2012, 04:14:15 AM
Hi  CNCexplorer,

With a 0.9 deg. stepper direct driving a 13 t.p.i screw you would require 204.7244 steps per millimetre. Perhaps reduce your Velocity and Acceleration to say V=1000 mm/min and A=400mm/min and see if that helps. You could also try selecting the Sherline Half Pulse Mode in Ports & Pins and see if that makes any difference.

I realise the pic shows your prototype but you will be getting varying torque requirements from that build so you should not be expecting too much in the way of accuracy and repeatability  ;)