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Title: Some things wrong with my Nema 23
Post by: CNCexplorer on May 29, 2012, 12:55:51 AM
Hows every body doing?
My y axis motor is behaving improperly. I was cutting some stuff and suddenly it just start to move really jurky way with lots of vibration. i have unmounted the motor so when i press the up and down arrow key for the y all it does is vibrate like crazy doesn't spin some time it does spin but in all directions back and forth.

here some of the multimeter readings for the motor
yellow and black = O.L.
every thing else = 18v's
when checked after a while all were O.L. they keep changing
it also make like a clock sound like tick every know and then when every thing is just like moves a step back and forth for no reason.
so just try to run it and it worked fine and 5 min later i heared a long beap and then it stared to tick like a clock (tick tick tick )shaft is not moving. the tick is not that loud either.
One last thing i put a fan close to the motor for it to cool down, does that has any thing to do with it messing up, like could it be like the "mutual inductance"  like the magnetic field of the fan is disrupting with the nema motor. something like that is it possible hhmmmm......

have a good one
Title: Re: Some things wrong with my Nema 23
Post by: Peter Homann on May 29, 2012, 01:27:01 AM

It sounds like the motor is stalling.

Check that the acceleration and velocity settings for the axis are not too high.

The other thing is that the driver may be failing with a heat related problem