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Title: 4th axis orientation?
Post by: nava on May 21, 2012, 03:41:36 PM
I have generated some gcode that uses 2 angular axis C and B.  B is a triunion table and C is a rotary table.  The table is locked at 90deg so the rotary acts like a standard rotary table.  In my simulation the rotary axis is therefore Y.  When I load up this gcode in mach3 it appears that mach treats the A(renamed from C) as being along the X axis.

Is there any way to change the origination this in mach?

here is a sample of the code

N2833 G1 X-36.796 Y1.262 Z-33.153 A+165.054 B+90.000
N2834 G1 X-36.824 Y1.396 A+167.364 B+90.000
N2835 G1 X-36.876 Y1.566 A+170.319 B+90.000
N2836 G1 X-36.945 Y1.734 Z-33.155 A+173.249 B+90.000
N2837 G1 X-37.031 Y1.895 A+176.097 B+90.000
N2838 G1 X-37.131 Y2.048 Z-33.157 A+178.826 B+90.000
N2839 G1 X-37.243 Y2.191 A-178.588 B+90.000
N2840 G1 X-37.367 Y2.331 Z-33.159 A-176.013 B+90.000
Title: Re: 4th axis orientation?
Post by: BR549 on May 21, 2012, 05:40:47 PM
MACH follows the standard CNC toolpath convention. Cannot modify it as far as I know.

(;-) TP