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Title: Have a problem with smooth stepper
Post by: nattawatoma on December 13, 2011, 05:04:59 AM
I have used smooth stepper for a long time with my laptop now I have a problem when I change it to PC. Since I use smooth stepper with my laptop there is no problem but when I use it with my PC it is hang all the time when I start up Mach3. My smooth stepper is connecting with C32 breakout board. However, when I take the C32 breakout board from smooth stepper,Mach3 is not hang but when I connect it, it hangs all the time. sometime it shows the message that it can not find smooth stepper. I have set up everything on my PC same as my laptop but it still not work when I change to my laptop it is ok. I use the same driver and plugin. So anyone can help me to fix this problem.

Thank you