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Title: DUGONG issues
Post by: farmertwingolf on September 05, 2011, 09:18:20 PM
I have a few posts on here about the various issues i have had with my supermax retrofit.  Now i am focusing on the dugong drives. i am hoping some users here are using them and can help. I am using the c11 bob and the hdbb bob. How do i tell mach where the encoders are and get some feedback on the screen? How do i use my handwheels and use mach as the d.r.o.? Another issue i am having is that if i am calibrating my axis steps in the settings mode, if i change directions it seems to show no backlash in one direction, but about .005 in the other. This is consistant. i dont know if its a dugong issue or what? i dont think i can adjust backlash in one direction only .......... can i?
Title: Re: DUGONG issues
Post by: stirling on September 06, 2011, 09:51:43 AM
You've been given the benefit of the doubt and a lot of good faith. Don't you think it's now time to return that? You know what to do. This is not fair on other demo users and in particular to those of us who payed for our licences.