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Title: Mach doing it again
Post by: ranchak on July 18, 2011, 08:54:30 PM
Hi Guys, I haven't been here for awhile, but.... awhile ago I was having some serious problems with Mach3 on a BP conversion that I did. It didn't matter what I did I couldn't get Mach3 to run successfully, I decided that I couldn't deal with this anymore so I went with another companies product. Fast forward to today.... I have a FlexiCam router that I decided would be a good canidate for Mach3. I took a PC that I have and had Windows7 32bit installed on it. After about a day of messing around I got all of the axis moving correctly. I ran a few simple programs numerous times (not cutting, just cutting air), everything seems fine. At the end of the day I decided to run the gantry back to the center of the table and Mach3 is back at it again! The X axis are fighting each other. I checked my port and pin settings and they are set the same way they where when I was running my programs. I reversed the setting on the A axis and still the same problem. I tried to run the Z axis up by pushing the PGUP key, it went up. I push the PGDN key and the Z axis still goes up. I double check and reset the Hot Keys. Still the same thing. I shut Mach3 down and restart it, same problems. What is up with this? I can't believe that this is happening again, any thoughts on what to look for? Anything that can be done to prevent this?
Title: Re: Mach doing it again
Post by: Tweakie.CNC on July 19, 2011, 02:15:00 AM
Sounds like it could be Direction signal problems.

If the direction signal is not present for a particular axis or is shorted high or low then that axis will only move in one direction.
If the PC parallel port output is only 3.3Volt on a direction pin and the BoB expects to see a 5Volt signals then again the axis may only move in the one direction.

Perhaps check your wiring and the pp output voltage  ;)

Title: Re: Mach doing it again
Post by: Hood on July 19, 2011, 03:26:04 AM
If this has just started after being ok for a few days then it could be something corrupt in your config so can you attach your xml and maybe it can be found.
Having said that though it does sound more hardware related.
One thing, do the DROs show the swapped motion or does Mach still think its going the same way?
Title: Re: Mach doing it again
Post by: BR549 on July 19, 2011, 09:49:12 AM
Makesure there are NO duplicate XMLs "anywhere" in the mach directories. I have seen where mach can pick up the wrong version of the xml. Some OS will store duplicates of the same file in a directory.

Just a thought(;-) TP
Title: Re: Mach doing it again
Post by: ranchak on July 19, 2011, 08:24:00 PM
Hi Guys, thanks for the help. Turns out the parallel port cable came unseated :-[ Boy do I feel dumb. I ran a few test programs and everything seems like it is going to work properly. I have two things I need to do. I want to be able to turn my VFD on and off with the "Spindle" button. I have a SoundLogic BOB and an Hitachi L100 VFD. I know there is a way to use the relay on the BOB to turn the VFD on, but I couldn't quite figure out the wiring for it. I also have a spindle control board, but I can change always change the spindle speed on the VFD when I need to. Second thing I need to do is hook up my proximity switches. They are three wire, blue, brown and black. I'm not sure which is +, ground and switching. Also I'm not too sure on how to configure Mach3 for this.
Title: Re: Mach doing it again
Post by: BR549 on July 19, 2011, 09:10:17 PM
YOu would set the spindle on and off to 2 output pins. Then wire the pins to the VFD inputs that control on /off. Use a 3rd IF you require forward reverse.

(;-) TP
Title: Re: Mach doing it again
Post by: ranchak on July 19, 2011, 10:32:41 PM
Can you elaborate a bit, I don't know which pins to use on the VFD. I thoink I may have found a way to wire this, but I would rather here your idea.
Title: Re: Mach doing it again
Post by: BR549 on July 20, 2011, 04:09:50 PM
(;-) You are going to have to look in the manual for the "VFD" to see what 2 pins they use to turn it on/off with. You will also probably have to program the VFD to do that function from an input. Most come setup to use the control panel.

Read the Manual (;-)

(;-) TP