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Title: An answer to my motor stalling problem when reversing
Post by: steelman on July 17, 2011, 11:14:15 PM
 I found that it was my backlash enabled causing my stalling problem when ERP listed several things as did others. When I disabled backlash, it started working fine. I found that I needed the backlash to make my machine accurate but couldnt make the stalling when reversed quit. Then I found an article that answered my problem. I dont know the guys name, but he had the same problem and recommended setting the shuttle speed from 1 to .500.  I did and it worked. I ended setting it at .250 and it works great. I had no idea that this had anything to do with backlash settings.  I hope this helps  someone else with backlash problems. This setting is found under general configuration. Again, thanks to all who replied. What a great forum Thanks,  Vincent
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