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Title: cannot reverse run from present feedhold
Post by: hoyospetrola on July 02, 2011, 05:53:01 PM
           Hello all, I´m speriencing that trouble all the time when I try to reverse run after loosing cut with my oxyfuel, I have a full licenced Mach3 version but when I stop the program or when i feed hold the program it shows all the time that alarm "cannot reverse run from present feedhold", then it doesn´t allow me to move the program backwards and then the program execution goes to the begining of the program :( . I found a topic with that subject but they don´t explain anything about that, they talk about a pins config etc. I tryed run reverse few times at the begining and it worked, but for some reason now doesn´t, maybe I have to change something in my postprocesor?

Thanks everybody beforehand.