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Title: Automatic G-Code Generation – with Scripts to Generate Part Models in SketchUp
Post by: CambiumMachines on June 29, 2011, 12:32:18 AM
We are happy to announce the availability of a new program to generate g-code automatically for woodworking joints.  The program being released now is a free demonstration program to generate g-code for mortises.  A complete g-code program can be generated in 2 minutes or less by simply entering parameters for stock size, mortise size and placement, feed rates, etc.

In the near future a full version of the program will be available at a reasonable cost.  The full version will generate a variety of woodworking joints such as dados, tenons, dovetails and hinge pockets.

In addition to generating g code, plugins are available for Google SketchUp which will automatically generate the part in SketchUp.

This approach is backwards from the standard process of designing in a CAD package, exporting to a CAM package, then generating a g-code file.  Our claim is that our method will save you considerable time, since you need only enter a handful of parameters and some standard text.  Admittedly, these cuts are all relatively simple, but they are also the foundation for furniture and cabinet building.

The program – CambumCode Free – is available for download at\Gcode.html (\Gcode.html)

You may also be interested in out tool for setting up CNC routers running on Mach3, which is available at\Setup.html (\Setup.html)