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Title: New Screen4 Mis-behavin'
Post by: PaulWC on November 26, 2006, 03:54:26 PM
I've been having problems with the new scrolling Screen4 (MachSupport Download Page)... While trying to assign hot-keys to Page 50 (MachSilverBluse.set), I can't select button properties with either right click or left double click. Occaisionally I get a properties dialog, but it's for the background image. Also, when left clicking on the buttons, the handles do not appear for any manipulation.

Oddly, one session allowed me to get access to the button dialogs, but after entering the hot-key the button object moved down about 32 pixels and wouldn't let me reselect it.

I downloaded the old non-scrolling Screen4 from the ArtSoft Download Page and installed it, and I can modify buttons normally.

Is there any known conflict with installed apps that would effect the behavior of the new Screen4?

Paul, Central OR
Title: Re: New Screen4 Mis-behavin'
Post by: Hood on November 26, 2006, 05:06:52 PM
What I think you may need to do is click on the disable image tab on the top toolbar. This should hide the background and allow you to choose your buttons etc.
Title: Re: New Screen4 Mis-behavin'
Post by: PaulWC on November 27, 2006, 02:45:54 AM
That didn't work...

However, while clicking around, I discovered "phantom" buttons above the actual buttons (about 2.75" on my 1024x768 17" screen). When the "phantom" button is clicked, the original button moves up to that location and is then selectable.

This is strange!?!?!

I finally figured out after several reloads that the buttons work normally if I don't use the scroll bars. After I scroll down to edit the jog buttons on Page 50, the button locations don't follow the scroll. Also, even scrolling back up doesn't straighten things out. The buttons are not selectable as they were before scrolling.

Paul, Central OR