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Title: Questions about Interference
Post by: teccboxx on February 18, 2011, 01:01:27 AM
I am getting together all my stuff for a new build and I have a question that some of you guys are having with interference from wireless keyboards and wireless internet.

I know that some have issues using wireless keyboards, I was wondering is there any issues using bluetooth keyboards??

Also are there any workaround or tips with using wireless internet? I want to be able to send a file though my network to the pc that I will using a wireless card, I know some have issues, others don't any tips on getting this to work without problems?

Lastly are dualcore2 processors alright to use, trying to build a cheap pc and I have a wolfdale e3300 chip that will save some dough????

Also how hard is it to add a second parallel card and breakout board so I will have extra inputs??
Title: Re: Questions about Interference
Post by: Hood on February 18, 2011, 04:55:16 AM
Not sure on keyboards as I have never used either wireless or bluetooth :(
Wireless network seems to be adapter dependant, I have used a USB adapter no probs others have used wireless and had probs so its a case of try and see.

CPU should be fine, just turn off any power saving features in the BIOS if there are any.

Adding a second port is usually no problem, as long as its a true hardware port and not one of the ones that use software to emulate a port.