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Title: Differential Signal Converter board DIY freebee G-code included
Post by: simpson36 on February 12, 2011, 04:07:25 AM
By request here is a freebee for anyone who needs a differential signal converter board or just wants to mess around with routing a PCB for the fun of it. Traces are best cut with a 30 degree engraving bit at a DOC of only a few thou. then .032" drill and .047" drill. Componets are listed on the drawing. Rev1 does not use terminal blocks. It is meant to have the wires soldered to the board andthen have the whole thing encased in tape or heat shrink and become more or less part of the cable.

No warranty express or implied. Use at your own risk. Routing PC boards is fun and can be addictive. Links to G-code set is at end of post. Setting up a little mill to do engraving is as easy as mounting a die grinder on the head like this:

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