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Title: Will mach3 work on my machine???
Post by: limun on November 22, 2010, 06:32:21 PM
As you can see I'm new here. My English is not perfect so please have some patience with me  ;D
I don't know am i posting this thread in the right place. If I'm not, moderators please move it where it should be.  :)

I bought cnc router machine from China while I has on vacation. To be honest it works well but I'm not happy with it's software( NC Studio V55). Why??? For example if I want to use two or more tools in same job it's not possible. Program doesn't support manual tool change when it have to change tool. It just continues to work using first tool set to use in program(I use vectric v carve pro and cut3d). There is to option like in mach 3 that machine stops, so that I could change tool, recalibrate( I have mobile calibrator), and when I finish I simply would press start and machine would continue to work using different tool.

Here are some pictures of my hardware:
Pci card that goes into my pc: (
It has 15 pin male connector on it back(for d15 2 row cable).

This is interior of my machine: (

PLC picture+description on it(stepper motor): (

Cable that connects ''machine interior'' and pci card inside my computer: (

Official name for control system that this machine uses is Weihong control system.

I have one old computer that has 15 pin MIDI connector on it's motherboard.

I hope that I gave you enough description about my hardware.

What would I have to do so that I could run mach3. Can I simply connect 15 pin cable from my machine to MIDI port and configure mach3 ??? Will I damage anything if I do that???
Is there any option so that I could insert some kind of breakout board to change 15 pin cable to some other kind of connector(standard 25 pin or rj45). I'm also asking that because I would like to add MPG to my machine (something like this (   ).

If it's possible for me to run mach3 you will have one new happy costumer  :)

Thx in advance for all ansewers you will give to me !!!
Title: Re: Will mach3 work on my machine???
Post by: Hood on November 22, 2010, 06:59:10 PM
You can not just hook it up I am afraid.
Having said that it should be relatively easy to convert but you will need to do a bit of rewiring.
Best bet would be to get a new breakout board and do away with the one in img534. You would need to trace the wires but it looks a well set out cabinet with nice wiring so again should be easy.
I am not sure if your spindle speed  is controlled via the computer, if it is you may also need to get a spindle drive board to interface between Mach and your VFD, just depends what is there now.

Title: Re: Will mach3 work on my machine???
Post by: Guiol on January 30, 2011, 04:09:26 AM
Dear Limun,

I have same sistem ( in fact, same drivers, same power suppl, same everythink!  just VDF different!)

Also I'm interested to move from Weihong to MAch3, but there is not a lot of documentation on that!

I would like to ask you if you solve already this? If is yes please can you tell me how?

If you want we can be in contact to go ahead with that!

Rgs and Thks!