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Title: Quick toolpath display question
Post by: DMBGO on October 17, 2010, 10:36:27 PM
Hi everyone,
I usually am able to answer my own questions with google and by searching the forums, and I don't want to bug you guys with silly questions but. ....

I have just spent the last 3 months putting some steppers, ballscrews and gekko G203v's onto my 12 x 36 lathe, the lathe is a CQ6230.
Anyhow, I've got everything moving, with the spindle under control and have been reading the Mach3 turn manual in an attempt to learn how to use the lathe and overcome my fear of breaking all my tooling.

I have noticed that the images in the manual for the toolpath display don't really look like the ones in my toolpath display. The manual has examples of nice shaded and rotated 3d images, whereas, when I put exactly the same values into the same screens on my PC I get decidedly 2d images, that I can't rotate, I can only resize them and move them around the toolpath screen.

I thought it might have been my old ATI rage 128 pro card not handling the Opengl graphics, so I found an Nvidia card with 128mb of ram and installed that, but it has made no difference.

Last night I was reading another post about something else and that person mentioned the "old" toolpath display, so I am starting to wonder if the 3d view has been removed from the toolpath display in the later versions Mach3 turn? I am running the latest version of Mach3 btw.

I have included some clickable thumbnails of screenshots from my PC and from the Mach3 manual using what I think are the same settings on both.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance

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Title: Re: Quick toolpath display question
Post by: Hood on October 18, 2010, 02:55:09 AM
That is as you suspect the way things are now. Maybe one day Turn will get the much needed work done on it but at the moment Rev4 of Mill is taking priority. However in reality as Turning is really a 2D operation seeing the profile is all that is really needed.
Title: Re: Quick toolpath display question
Post by: DMBGO on October 18, 2010, 04:00:19 AM
Thanks Hood,
I guess my small amount of confidence at this early stage would be bolstered by a nice 3d representation of what I was about to do  ;)
but it's nice to know that I am not completely mad after all.

Thanks again