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Title: Is there a NUBE gotcha list etc.
Post by: jjanes on September 19, 2010, 02:17:47 AM
I was wondering if I missed it. A place for all those that are new to CNCing to find the things that are not that intuitive. For instance the screen/power saver after I had a part ruined by my screen saver kicking in I checked the forum and indeed it is stated that you should NOT have any power/screen saving utilities running. I guess I missed that now I know but if there is n't a place like a STICKY NOTE giving a list of items like this maybe someone witha  great deal of knowledge may be able to put one together  that others can add to.

Such as a check list
load file
verify coords
verify tool
verify spindle speed
verify feed rate

there may be more but those are all that come to the mind of a NUBE
something like this probably could have saved me some misteps