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Title: Sound Logic Encoder Interface Problems
Post by: golash on October 22, 2006, 10:28:48 AM
Hi All

I`m wondering if anyone can help me get my interface card working. I had a hell of a time
getting the second parallel port card to work but now it is. I have my X axis servo wired into
the new interface board but for some reason I`m not getting any movement. I did notice that
the Gecko fault light is always on so maybe thats somehow the problem.

Title: Re: Sound Logic Encoder Interface Problems Homing and Feedhold
Post by: golash on October 23, 2006, 09:21:30 AM
Hi All
I finally got the encoder card to work. It seems now I have a new set of problems I didn`t have
before I installed the card.
For some reason now I cannot seem to home the machine. I made no changes to the homing
section during the configuration of the SL encoder board. All my homing worked before I installed the encoder board.
I can manually trigger the homing switches. Ref All just will not move to the z home then to the y and then
x home.
Also, now when I load code and try to run it I see a message > Nothing to feed hold. As a result, no
axis moves. I can jog all axes but can`t run any real projects on the machine. I asked art about this
and here`s the answer  The message "Nothing to Feedhold" means that the system is sensing the
feedhold being pressed, it will not pop up otherwise. OR, somehow a OEMtrigger is set to pause the system automatically or something..

Regards barry