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Title: Possible error in Mach3 ver. 040 ?
Post by: mrpeja on July 28, 2010, 12:26:53 PM
Hi Brian and all,
Last days I experienced a serious problem with Mach3 version 040. Very often one axis on my plasma table stops moving without visible cause. I discovered weird changes in Settings\motor outputs. Instead of my settings here appear mostly pin 0 as step output pin and sometime another  number. I correct this and axis works for some time but stops again.
Then I correct settings and push Reset button to blink and wait some time. Pin settings is changed again!
After this I installed older  038 version but the problem remains.
I solved this situation by uninstall and completely delete Mach3 folder, and then install again ver. 038. Now is vorking fine.
But I still don't know why this happens. Maybe is a bug in ver 040 and maybe I missed something?