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Title: question about spindle control
Post by: toomanyhobbies on July 08, 2010, 09:16:55 AM
I have a Galil card I will be using for the mill I am building. The Galil card can handle 5 axis, however I don't want to have to run another 100pin cable from the computer to the mill and add an additional  i/o board just for one axis. So I would like to stick with only 4 axis's total.

So, with only 4 axis's available, I need three for x, y and z and I want to be able to do tapping (with a tension/compression tap holder) and also have a 4th rotary axis for parts I have a commitment to make for my job.

So, my question is, can Mach control the spindle speed and direction without it being an axis or would it just be wise to get the extra cable and i/o board and use the 5th axis in the Gaili card for spindle control?

Title: Re: question about spindle control
Post by: Hood on July 08, 2010, 02:03:01 PM
Mach can control 6 axis and a spindle but how you control the spindle is determined by what type of spindle motor it is and how it is driven.
Afraid I am not familiar with the workings of the Galil so I am unsure how the plugin handles the spindle, you would probably be better asking this on the Galil part of the forum.