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Title: Need help from the Pro's
Post by: SSS on June 30, 2010, 02:23:34 PM
My over confidence has allowed me to start playing with my machines coordinates, and I have
screwed it up, I have tried to reenter the factory setting that came with the machine
but am unable to fix it. I have searched the boards over the last couple of days looking for
answers but have been unsuccuessful. Here are the issues

1. When I load my file it sometime show it outside the parimeters of the table, or set up
 my sheetcam i'll put my object in the right hand corner of the table and the machine thinks
the middle of the table is the right hand corner?

2. My z axis is completely off, I have it homed all the way up. It goes over to where the part
is going to be cut moves down about half an inch like its touching the metal and then torch fires
and acts like its cutting, but is actually 3 inches above the work piece?

Heres information about my machine if this helps.
I have a 4x4 Plasma table from Bulltear using a Bladerunner4 AIO package from CandCNC. Mach3
and sheetcam. Actual travel on the table is 54"x51". As far as motor tuning goes I have it setup
up as follows:

For X,Y,A axis the following is used.

1019.1 Steps
1000 Velocity
30 Accel

Z axis

1273.9 Steps
150 Velocity
50 Accel

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Title: Re: Need help from the Pro's
Post by: jve on July 01, 2010, 02:24:50 AM
where are you homeing in my plasma that i make i always home in the lower left corner on the x,y ,
about the step velocity ecc first you have to give us more info like gears on motor racks pith the most important is when the motor turns 1 revolution how much distance the machine travel ?
in mach 3 settings page there is a button that is AXIS CALIBRATION  you can adjust your machine from there also
about the torch you have to adjust the torch volts and also you have a torch floting head so the machine will touch the plate first and then will fire after it will adjust it self by the torch volts
let me know if i can help you
Title: Re: Need help from the Pro's
Post by: BR549 on July 01, 2010, 10:07:24 AM
You can do several things for the display.  Either setup the machine to Refhome so it knows where it is(assuming you have Home switches) OR turn off the table view.
Title: Re: Need help from the Pro's
Post by: SSS on July 01, 2010, 04:38:17 PM

  When I hit the tap button on the key board and the fly out screen come out, I hit the home button and the torch returns to the lower left corner of the table? Is that right? I dont have home switches on the machine. I believe this is where I setup the machine to home after its finshed cutting.

This is exactly what I did ito mess it up, I placed a small sheet of 1/4" steel in the center of the table, jogged my axis over to the edge of the piece of steel and zero'd out the x,y,z at the edge of steel. I have alway cut in the lower left corner with no problems. I watched some of the Mach3 tutorial videos and thought I had learned how to cut anywhere in the table, I guess not.

I am very green at CNC and learning more every day. I really appreciate the help