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Title: oem buttons 286 and 285 Remember and Return to paused state.
Post by: PeterF on April 07, 2010, 05:08:06 PM
My feature request relates to oem buttons
Return to paused state   285
Remember paused state   286
(resp. buttons on the Run Alt-1 screen: "Remember", "Return")

"Remember paused state" does strangely take into account the tool offset. It remembers the actual value+the tool offset.
Lets assume "Tool offset" is turned on, tool number is 2, its tool height is -80, Z displays 20. "Remember" remembers -60 and will go to -60 (or even worse: any H changes thereafter are being ignored). I would believe that "Remember" should remember work coordinates (including tool offset), e.g. controlled point is 20mm above zero, and "Return" should return the controlled point to 20mm above zero, including any tool changes. Mach3 is version R3.042.038.

Perhaps I have just troubles understanding these buttons? (or then I would better remove them from the screen so they do not cause mishaps)

Thank you for answers.