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Title: Backlash Use Info
Post by: Garyv on October 02, 2006, 01:50:10 PM
I am wondering what experiances with using the backlash feature in Mach 3 that you have had ?
   I am getting ready to run a small part out finally got the code where I want it , ( lot of trial and error)
 But I desided to add my backlash comp in conf screen and It works fine manually moving X and Y, I added a comp of .005 on each that seems to work on my mill..
    But I have not run a G code with it yet .
    What I am wondering is ,
  Is the Backlash comp taking concideation of arcs and partial movements when running the code? , I'm sure it does but was wondering how it is set., I can understand a x and y movement just compinsates the .005 thou in to the return but how is it doing arcs and such?
 Just wondering
Gary V
Title: Re: Backlash Use Info
Post by: Brian Barker on October 02, 2006, 11:03:40 PM
It will correct the lash at every quadrant... You are right in thinking that arcs could be a problem :)

Hope that helps