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Title: New probe plugin? Has the double point bug been fixed in last Mach lockdown?
Post by: rich05 on January 20, 2010, 03:15:12 PM
the mach I have i think one release back has the double point probe dreaded issue...    has the last Mach fixed this?  Is there a new probe plug in too?

for those that dont know waht double point bug is.   your data cloud will have two sets of points on for contact and one for retract, so it its a seccodn layer of points over the other,  it is possible to delet the other layer when the datapoints are fairly flat, but not when a surfaces get bouncy.

so basically any data point cloud made is unusable.  this is not because the probe does not have a resistor in it, or that the sping in the probe is too light, or the feed rate is too high, low, or that the retract is too close to the touch, it just because the probe or mach interface with probe code is not complete, working, funtional ect..