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Title: Straighening Thread Bar
Post by: hollydog on January 02, 2010, 11:37:19 AM
Sometimes rolled ACME ,thread bar etc comes slightly bent. After trying one or two ideas a simple clamp was made up from a piece of suitable angle iron to straighten the bar. This consists of two fingers blocks about 9" apart approx. With a tapped hole on the opposite side in the centre to take a M12 setbolt. This clamp is simply put onto the bar at the high point and by slowly adjusting the M12 setbolt with a piece of plastic on the end to protect the thread the bar can be adjusted straight. . The high point can be found by watching the bar rotate or by a good rule against along the centre line of the bar. But take it easy don`t bend it to far. Some idea can be obtained was remembering the position of the adjusting spanner.