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Title: Help Automate Press
Post by: Ross Rossey on December 02, 2009, 09:45:25 AM
I am a beginner to CNC and am doing automation on an Eccentric Punch Press.

A two axis table is added to move the job. The stepper motors, drivers and power supply is from Automation Direct.
Stepper Motors: 434 oz in, nema 34, bipolar
Driver: 3.5A, 32VDC, microstepping bipolar 2phase
Power Supply: 32V, 4A with 5VDC
On computer Mach3 Mill is installed

I have two questions,
1) What type of breakout board I require to connect the computer to the drivers?
2) A cam operated switch is mounted on the eccentric shaft of the press. The switch is activated when the punch retracts from the job. From this switch command is to be given to the X-axis to index.
How this command can be incorporated in the Mach G-code program.


R. Rossey