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Title: problem real time
Post by: Renatox_ on November 13, 2009, 12:07:10 PM
iHi, Today i proved the version 3.042.031 for first time, with a new program with enough interpolation line, i see with the Look Ahead of twenty no is enough for this and i see stopped and outburst frequently, i need a Look Ahead of 100 for see a fine movement. The buffer Load is 39% a 35khz of Kernel Speed.

With the version previous 3.037 i observe a fine and precise movement and the buffer Load is 19%, a 35khz of kernel Speed and Look Ahead of twenty.

Also the two versions have the following problems:

* A 60khz of kernel Speed o superior the movement of the mouse o the change of window can cause variation in the frequency of puses that originate jump and/or alarm in the axis.

* A 35khz the Feed Hold stop the axis a one distance superior which a 60khz, for example.

A 2000mm/min Feed Hold stop the axis in 4mm, this with 35khz of kernel. With 60khz of kernel
the axis stop in 2mm. the two a same aceleration.

I ran the Driver Test and was satisfactory.

I think that match3 take control of the PC almost all time, but can happen one time for day o one time for week that the window o the hardware of the PC interrupt the pulses.

this i proved with various computer that surpass the requirement minimun.

Maybe lack improve the real time software.

Title: Re: problem real time
Post by: Renatox_ on November 13, 2009, 12:09:35 PM
Maybe lack me intaller same software o driver that cancel the interrupt of windowns and the hardware.
Title: Re: problem real time
Post by: Renatox_ on November 13, 2009, 07:04:42 PM
Why the version R3.042.031 need more blocks Look Ahead for make the same work that the version R3.037? with the same PC and configuration.

The problem of variation o jump of pulses only happen me at kernel Speed superior a 60khz and move the mouse and change of screen.

At 35khz of kernerl speed almost never happen, also can happen when change the feedrate very quick of 100 a 170% (800mm/min) the axis X, Y and Z stop completely for 1seg and later return the movement, when this would should be continous.

I measure the pulses in real time with my driver, this can detect very high aceleration, with this i see that mach no lose any pulses, only happen jump.