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Title: VDF triping my limits
Post by: hudmut on October 30, 2009, 05:24:41 PM
This is the next part after my problems with my limits home and estop switch's.. 

To my problem i have now got my machine doing most of what it should be doing with out triping a switch and making me want to sell it..  But this is all with out the spindel motor running i have now found that this is a lot of the problems im having so how do i get round this problem.  The wiring is all out of the machine to move it away from every thing else how fare should i have the vdf away from every thing else what wire would be the best to use.. Im useing a brand new tyco minicon all i have done to it is up it to 100hz to get the speeds im after does any one know any setting i can change with help ?   Im getting there but i didnt thing it would take this much soddoing about i do hope some one can help.