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Title: Kirans Wizard
Post by: Fastest1 on October 23, 2009, 12:58:59 PM
Last night after finding out my NFS wizards were unlicensed. I tried Kirans cicle cutting wizard. Everthing was going as planned (.250 2f.e.m., circle diameter 2.255, and .43 depth from Z0). I watched for many passes and then for no reason, machine was untouched, I had restarted mach fresh and only configured this wizard once for this hole/circle, and the cutter starts going across the inside of the circle (a previously uncut area). Is this normal? I checked my cv, it was on. It is abs in mode not inc. I noticed prior to this if I played with wizards a few times and loaded and removed gcodes without starting mach fresh, it seemed to have random  things happen, unexplained. This was all with air cuts. I thought I had associated it with not reopening mach fresh as that had corrected the cuts prior to this. Any ideas?