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Title: Mill line with Rad or Ang
Post by: TDAY on July 31, 2009, 01:14:33 PM
 Here is one idea i have for a Mcode or macro,like the Bolt circle that pops up a window to fill in.
A macro to do a Line in X or Y and have a Radius or Angle at the end of the line.
(Iam probably going to explain this similar to the way a wizard works,a wizard to do this would be nice ;) please advise how a macro would handle this.)

Even a simplified version of this would be nice.

Questions widow would ask...
1)Cutter diameter & Tool # ?
2)Tool Offset Left,Right,Center
4)X start Y start
5)X end Y end
6)Radius or Angle
6B) (This question depends on what 6 was selected at)What degree and angle length, or what Radius and degree Radius will end
To make 6 easier Just a 45 degree angle and what length, and radius would be 90degree.
7) Depth of Z axis
8) Step depth of Z axis to come down until Z depth is reached.

I know there is a lot of  VB coding to make this happen, i just dont know how to do it :)
There is part of the can of beans u asked me to spill TP. ;)