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Title: Ref all command on the Shuttle Pro 2?
Post by: budman68 on May 17, 2009, 02:46:18 PM
Hi guys, hopefully someone can answer this one for me.

When I first set up my Shuttle Pro 2, there is a command called "Ref all" in the drop down lists for the buttons in the plug-in config menu and I never used it because it seems to be not working correctly. Now you would think this would be the same as the Ref all home function, wouldn't you? Instead, it homes all axis together and when one of the axis homes first, they all stop and the other 2 axis never end up homing.

Is this a known bug or was this done purposely?

I'd like to be able to utilize one of my macro buttons (only allowed 2 on the Shuttle Pro 2) for another program but then I couldn't have the homing procedure macro anymore. Can anyone help with this? Is it possible to get more macro button options on the Shuttle Pro 2?

Thanks so much for your time-