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Title: Desktop and XP Pro
Post by: Whacko on August 11, 2006, 04:26:13 PM
I have Mach3 newly installed on a new desktop P4 running XP Pro. It will be dedicated to only Mach3, there are no other applications installed, and the OS is optimised as per the "Optimisation" file.
When I execute the "driver test" utility, it fails to produce steps on the "Pulse per second" window, CPU speed reads 2655 and the graph window is inactive. The Apic constant reads 50.
The interupt used indicates "00" telling me that this thread is not active or being supressed.
LPT1 used on 0x0378, quite normal parallel port.
Mach3 is co-ordinates is non-operative, it loads and allows configs to be set. Upon loading it says "Driver initialised successfully".
I have the Mach3 on my other machine, also a P4 running Xp, and all is well. Now the OS edition is XP home on the operative machine.
I have transferred the settings as per working machine to the problem machine. No luck, can't jog, can't run gcode.
Is it possible that the OS could be interfering and preventing the application Mach3 controlling the ports?
Anyone have an idea?

Best regards,
(All software has valid license files)
Title: Re: Desktop and XP Pro
Post by: Whacko on August 11, 2006, 06:15:07 PM
OK everybody, ignore the previous post, it's all sorted!
It was the port driver, the specialdriver.bat sorted the problem out!