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Title: Key cutting wizard
Post by: arbus on March 10, 2009, 02:46:01 AM
This is just a first draft of a wizzard to cut keys using mach mill.

The key is for a 4track toyota key that is milled in the middle of the key, on 4 sides (TOY40)
It cuts keys to the code number (no 1 to 5).

The machine I was using also has a probe to copying keys.  The probe just checks to see where the key is cut (and not), then fills in the DRO's.

There is another button on the wizard (spare but) i was playing with that also has code to cut a 2 track key (such as opel, Ford, etc)

I am not the worlds best programmer, but the code could be used for similar situations where u want to do something repetitive with multiple set values, (use your imagination)

I will post it here ( when i update it more.


Title: Re: Key cutting wizard
Post by: arbus on May 19, 2009, 11:06:47 PM
Updated version of the Key Cutting Wizard.
They TOY40 button is the only one with code in it.
I have code for some of the other buttons.  email me if you require it.

With the TOY40 button, the only issue which i have not been bothered to fix is that when it cuts a deep depth it will leave a small amount of material in the centre of the key.  You will have to jog and remove it after the cycle is finished.

I removed the controls from the wizard.  Best to generate the code using the wizard and return to the main mach screen to run the code.

Have Fun!

Title: Re: Key cutting wizard
Post by: RICH on May 20, 2009, 01:52:32 AM
I assume you are using a key cutter which is automated.

Just a "brain cloud", but you could easly and quickly trace out the key profile and produce the g code using CopyCat.
Machining it would be another story.

Title: Re: Key cutting wizard
Post by: arbus on May 20, 2009, 04:04:50 AM
Copying a key wasnt really what it is designed to do, although it will copy the key.
It cuts the key to code, using preset spacing and depths.
So this is what you would use if you had no key to copy from, or wanted a perfect original key.

I am using the key vice from a cheap Chinese key copying machine to hold the key on the Mill.