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MachStdMill: Introductory information
« on: July 05, 2010, 04:09:07 PM »
This is a little introductory information for those that may not have heard of MachStdMill before the start of the beta release of the package.

MachStdMill is a new screen set package developed by Calypso Ventures, Inc. The package was originally developed as a new user interface (UI), designed to support new features of the next version of Mach3 (V4).  

During the course of the project, we decided that we would create a version of the software for use with Mach3 V3.
The V3 version of the software has all the functionality which can be supported by Mach3 V3 and the package is available here:

MachStdMill Download

At that page you can download:

1) the MachStdMill Readme file.
2) the MachStdMill installer package
3) the User Maunal
4) the latest Release Notes

The software has been in development for about a year and has been in Alpha testing for the last few months, so we're reasonably confident in stability of the Beta release. However, the user should be aware that this is beta level software - which means it is probably not bug free.

MachStdMill makes use of enhancements and new interfaces which were added in recent versions of Mach3. Therefore MachStdMill requires a use of Mach3 3.43.xx. The package will refuse to run with earlier versions of Mach3.

In addition to supporting the functionality of the venerable 1024 screen set, MachStdMill provides support for significant additional new functionality.

The following are some of the enhancements included in the MachStdMill package:
    Updated User Interface (UI)
        New visual appearance.
            (See screen shots)
        Graphic controls consistency.
        Work flow driven functionality grouping.

    Integrated probing support for work coordinate offsets setting.

    Tool handling extensions
        RH (repeatable length tool) holders & NRH (non-repeatable length tool) holders
        Support for mixed usage of RH & NRH holders

    WCO (work coordinate offset) and TT (Tool table) handling extensions.
        WCO and TT can be saved to named disk files and reloaded.
        Reports of WCO & TT contents.
        MachStdMill WCO and TT tables will transfer to Mach3 v4.

    Enhanced support for optional hardware
        Monitors: both 10x7 (1024x768) & 12x9 (1280x1024) monitor resolutions are supported.
        Touch Plates: both “mobile” and TCP (tool change position) touch plates supported.
        Integrated support for 3D probes.

    Master tool mode
        MachStdMill now supports the use of a master tool TLO model.
        Master Too Mode includes support (with a TCP TP) for auto measurement of TLOs during a tool change.

    Full doc package included
        A full set of Mach3 manuals are installed with the package and are accessible from the reference page of the screen set.

        The MachStdMill package includes a new “Using Mach3” manual which covers MachStdMill use with Mach3 v3.

    User extensible
        Source package to be available (post beta).
        Including graphics source files – so you can easily modify the screen set.

MachStdMill is licensed software (it is not freeware) and you will need to agree to the license terms prior to installing and using the software.


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Re: MachStdMill: Introductory information
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2010, 03:07:27 PM »
Some have expressed and interest in seeing some sample screen shots before DL'ing the entire MSM package.
So, here are a couple of teaser pics.
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