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Message Capture Plug-in Utility
« on: May 15, 2009, 07:25:48 PM »

   Here is a "Message ID" capture utility for getting the ID number of the message as it comes through the "MyNotify()" section of the Plugin.
You can Debug and check your notify messages.....

i.e. If you have a "NotifyPlugins(8999)" in a VB button and you push it, a Afx message box will appear and have 8999 in it.
you can also see Shutdown code 14 (Art says 14 is the only one for shut down...).
You can also see any other messages that pass through MyNotify(), i.e. Menu items, Startup/shutdown IDs, any custom Menu or other item that throws a MyNotify ID#.

I have asked both Art and Brian if they would send me the OEM list of MyNotify codes, and if they do, I will add strings to the messages that tell what at least the OEM IDs are.
UserAdded stuff or menu items, will just display a number.

The PLugin has a dialog that you can choose a ULED to turn its reporting on and off, or 2256 will disable it all together.
Note: If you leave your control LED on, and then close mach, the next time you open mach, it will show you all the Start up messages going through mynotify.

it is attached as:  "MessageCapture.m3p" and it will install into your plugins directory as, "MessageCapture.dll"
follow usual Plugin activation procedures.

it is Free for your use.

////////////////////////////////////  EDIT!!!!!  ////////////////////////

I added "Message Identifier Strings" to the codes from:


Plugin Notify codes 0-11 are listed above, Plus 14 = shutdown, all others say "Unknown" since they come from somewhere else unknown.

ALSO:  I added that if the Plugin is Disabled, (but left in the plugins directory), then the notifies will drop out as well. (see post under SDK).

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