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Author Topic: Mach3 under win10  (Read 20643 times)
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« Reply #80 on: November 27, 2017, 07:56:05 PM »

I have a Dell Windows XP system that I've used for several years.  I am working on porting the system to Windows 10.  I've put together an Intel i7 NUC computer with 8 GB of RAM and 250 GB of SSD.  With 4 USB out, and no parallel port, of course, I have an ethernet smooth stepper (ESS) on order.  In the meantime, I'm working on controlling the Huanyang VFD for the spindle.  I've got a $7 USB to RS-485 from Amazon, and it communicates well with the VFD over twisted pair.  I downloaded a 32 bit driver for the old system and a 64 bit driver for the new system (NUC).  Both communicate with the VFD.

I have downloaded both the Matty Zee VFD plugin (HuanyangVFD.dll) and the Le Royaume plugin (vfdplugin.dll).  The only one I've been able to load into MACH3 on Windows 10 is the Le Royaume plugin.  The Matty Zee plugin will not load (usual message of defective plugin, following by message, "ignoring plugin.").  I have installed various C++ redistributables on the NUC.  I've had a lot of trouble installing .NET framework 3.5, but I'm not sure if the Matty Zee plugin needs this, or not.  Microsoft has made it difficult to install .NET 3.5, as various auxiliary files are missing, requiring one to use a special tool to build a special CD or file to load from.

I tested both plugins on the old (x86 Dell) system.  I've used the Matty Zee plugin for several years - no issues.  The Le Royaume can be made to run on the old system, but it generates ESTOPs intermittently.  You can run the same part over and over again, with same settings, and sometimes it ESTOPs and other times it does not.

A.  HAS ANYONE GOTTEN MATTY ZEE PLUGIN TO RUN WITH MACH3 (3.043.062) ON WINDOWS 10 ?  IF SO, WHAT FILES (dependencies) ARE THERE (.net, c++ redistributable, ..) ??
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« Reply #81 on: November 27, 2017, 08:31:01 PM »

not sure what all those plugins etc are, why bother, Mach3 has Modbus builtin.


Rather longwinded thread but the OP got the job done.


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« Reply #82 on: November 27, 2017, 09:57:46 PM »

not sure what all those plugins etc are, why bother, Mach3 has Modbus builtin.

Huanyang VFD's use a non standard form of Modbus, so Mach3's Modbus won't work.
Two users wrote plugins to enable Mach3 to control HuanYang VFD's with RS-485.


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« Reply #83 on: November 30, 2017, 09:03:47 AM »

This is a follow-up to my previous post on upgrading to an Intel NUC computer from a working system running 32 bit on older Dell.

I had issues loading the Matty Zee plugin, as I could not get .NET Framework 3.5 to load on Windows 10.  I found a solution to that and thought I'd share the HOW TO, as many folks are having this issue in the Microsoft Support Forums.  While there are in principle many ways to load .NET Framework 3.5, they seem to be problematic on the current Windows 10 for several folks.

.NET Framework 3.5 can be useful for this plugin and other older software (perhaps CamBam as well, for example).

Here's what worked for me, to install .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 10.
1) Plug in USB Windows 10 installation media.  Go to x64 folder and copy folder "sources" to C: drive. 
2) Open a command prompt window with administrator priveleges (right click on Windows icon in lower
left hand corner) - Command Promp (Admin)
3) Type the following command:

dism /online /add-package /packagepath:C:\sources\sxs\microsoft-windows-netfx3-ondemand-package.cab

The copying from D: (USB drive) to C: drive may not be necessary, but I'm documenting what was known to work.

NOW ==> I can load the Matty Zee HuanyangVFD.dll in MACH3

For me, this means I can bring up the new system with most things the same, except for the Ethernet Smooth Stepper.  I have the plugin RS-485 device now working on both computer.  SO, I should be able to unplug the old Dell system and plug the  new one in for testing.  If I have to make parts, and the new system is having issues, I can replug the old computer.

When I'm done with this conversion, I'll post the details of all the steps I had to take to get the conversion done.
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« Reply #84 on: December 10, 2017, 09:36:55 AM »

I have been able to bring up my new system with Windows 10 on Intel NUC i7 Computer.  I'm going to document this migration in case others may find something in there of use.

OLD SYSTEM: Made in 2012, from Chinese hardware and US based electronics by a friend of mine. 
    Gecko 540, Huanyang HY02D223B (2.2 kw) coupled to 1.5 kw spindle, Matty Zee VFD plugin for VFD control, Dell XP Pentium 4 using parallel port and serial to RS-485 for VFD control, iMACH3 Pendant
    Dell Pentium and ELO touch display.

NEW SYSTEM:  Re uses the Gecko and Huanyang, and all motors and mechanics and iMACH3 Pendant.  New computer is Intel NUC i7, with 250 GB of SSD, 8 GB of RAM, and is running Windows PRO (bought on
   thumb drive).  An ASUS VT207N touch display was added to replace the old ELO display. 
       Additional parts:
       1. Warp9 Ethernet Smooth Stepper (ESS) integrated into a box by CNC4PC, along with their C69 PWM board (not used; I didn't order this).  Use Port 1 (Ports 2 and 3 have additional
          capability not needed).
       2. USB to RS-485 converter JBtek converter ($6.99 on Amazon)
       3. A USB hub, with 4 additional outlets.  I plug all the user I/O into this hub: Mouse/Keyboard USB, Pendant, Touch Screen, and any USB for file transfer.

Both systems are wired 240V.  All the wall transformers, etc, work 100-240VAC.

I documented all of my steps, which is in the attached TEXT file.  The Warp9 site is very useful in terms of it's detail  I basically had the whole set up ready for MACH3 by the time the ESS arrived.  Most parts were gotten on Amazon, and they arrive

I used the old system to make a wooden shelf, that had features to hold the NUC computer, USB Hub, and the ESS on the old system.  The machine had a set of rails to slide the Dell computer in.  This
wooden shelf could slide in on the same rails, and then the power, USB to RS-485 and parallel cable to Gecko simply plug in.

WHAT WENT WRONG - actually not much.  Here were the sticking points.
    1. I had trouble getting the Matty Zee plugin to load with MACH3 on the NUC Windows 10 at first.  Simply because I neglected to load .NET FRamework 3.5 onto the computer first.  Loading .NET Framework 3.5 was sticky only because I had disabled
       windows update service.  I found a way (see my earlier post) to do this with Windows Update shut down.  Easiest way is to load .NET 3.5 before you shut down Windows Update.  Minor problem in hind sight.  I've been told that Windows Update
       perhaps can't be shutdown with the Home Edition - - I chose Windows 10 Pro, so I can't comment accurately on that.
    2. The ESS in a box is pretty cool, but you have to take covers off to see the LED status when first getting it to talk to MACH3.  Take covers off, get communications going, and screw them back on.
    3. This was the most difficult, though not bad.  When I got everything installed, I could not get ESTOP to reset and motors were not powered.  I had set up the ESS to deliver a charge pump signal to the Gecko 540.  However, apparently the 540 was
        not getting a signal.  SO, in reading the Warp9 documentation, I decided to switch off the charge pump option on the 540 (a small switch for this). PRESTO ! all is good.
    4. It seems to be running really good, but I don't have many "miles" on it yet.  I used defaults for some of the dynamic settings, so some tuning might be possible, but not sure how much better it would get.

See the attached file for my step by step path.  In some cases there is a bit of detail.  In others, it is more of a summary of that step.

* Setting up MACH3 on NUC i7.txt (8.73 KB - downloaded 40 times.)
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