How do I tell Mach3 my CNC's table size?

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I have built my own CNC machine, and got it talking to mach3 ok. Now I need to figure out how to tell mach3 how big my cnc's table size is, and where 0,0 is?

I can import a file, but when I start the cycle the cnc is starting in a position where it will eventually hit the end stops during the cut.

Do I need to set limits or machine coords? Also I am exporting files from CorelDraw, so would that have an impact on the file exported. Probably a dumb question, but if I set the cnc table size in Corel, will mach 3 then use that as it's reference?


BTW here is the machine, as you can probably see, it's first output was the standard "Hello World". The LCD is a touch screen, and the controller boards are from

All you need to do is position the machine where you want 0,0 to be, then clear the X and Y DROs by either typing in 0, or clicking on the Zero button next to each one.

Ray L.

If you dont have limits then just jog to a position on the table that would represent the X0Y0 and give you the largest cutting area then zero the DROS. What I mean by that is if you were cutting something and the X0Y0 in the code was slap bang in the middle then move your table to the middle and zero the DROs. If your code had the lower left corner as the X0Y0 then move the table to lower left and zero the DROs.
 If you wanted you could pretend you had Home switches and each time you started Mach you could jog to the lower left corner and press the RefAll button, that would set the machine coordinates as zero which in turn would mean you could set up softlimits which would allow you to see the table size on the toolpath display if you wished. You still need to set the offset position to zero to suit your code.


Thanks guys, that helps me out :-)

I do have home switches on all axis, but they need some tweeking as mach 3 can send the machine crashing past them! I have tested them in the diagnostics screen and they are triggering ok.


Shouldnt do that, is it going past them on a Ref All move? If its just in a normal jog that Mach goes past them then that would be normal if you have them set as just home switches, if you had them set as limits as well then Mach should stop at them.


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