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391  Mach Discussion / General Mach Discussion / Re: I'm stuck....K2 3925 settings. on: November 05, 2006, 12:43:43 PM
 Grin "Conveyor brush strip" Grin thats what I needed to know,Thanks Brett, I used "Pond" flooring rubber  Grin

I notice in the picture there is a  gap between the router and the Plexiglas,I usually have the Plexiglas box flush to the mount or if I drop it down I use the flooring rubber to keep suction.

I wish I could have found transparent rubber flaps, like restruant cooler have.
392  Mach Discussion / General Mach Discussion / Re: I'm stuck....K2 3925 settings. on: November 05, 2006, 02:14:58 AM
Since I cut guitars I use the Y axis as my 39" and the X 25".

The pin out on my control box is a little bit diffrent than the new KG but you should only have to change the "motor outputs" "Dir LowActive" and "Step LowActive" to change there directions.

Once in awhile I'll wonder why my machine isn't running smooth and come to find I forgot to have it in "Constant Velocity" mode.

If your Limit switch's go off for no reason change your "Deboucne Interval" to around 800+, or turn off "Watch Dog"

One thing that took me awhile to get the hang of was the "Softlimits" let me know if you have any trouble and I can post some advice about them.

The "Click" sound your getting is the encoder continually checking it's position, this is okay. I hadn't thought of it till it was completely quiet in my shop and there I heard it. You can fine tune your Gecko's but I don't believe it effects anything.

There is nothing better than Mach. Benny and others are designing some amazing screens and Art and Brain are continually adding more abilities and componets to Mach. It is the best program and is not just limited to controlling CNC machines.

I didn't like K2's vacuum system so I bought some plexy glass, screws(much simpler just to use aquarium glue) and a dryer vent.
Used my K2 to cut out a hole and $10 later I had a great vacuum system. It's not pretty but works great, I need to see the bit and easly change it.

393  Mach Discussion / General Mach Discussion / Re: I'm stuck....K2 3925 settings. on: November 04, 2006, 01:03:27 AM
Sorry about the delay,
No I have the later model the KG-3925 CNC Router Frame 39x25x5 '05 model with a physical precision metric ball screw, the step per are set to 10,160.

My motor are the DMG DAE HWA DC motor's with US Electronics encoders.

I'd first check in the "port & pins" to make sure your X Y Z signal's are enabled and are set correctly for Dir and setp (I've made this mistake before) and check your "motor tuning", because I have metric my steps are setup for 10,160.

I've gotten humming from having my Kernel speed set to 4500 and not having my motors tuned correctly.

Mach will leave all of your files untouched (besides the default Mach files like Mach3Mill.xml), you could try a number of diffrent setup files just give them diffrent names.

Which ver of Mach 3 are you using?
I'll try to think of other possabilities  Smiley
394  Mach Discussion / Mach Screens / Re: Touch screens on: November 02, 2006, 07:34:48 PM
I have mine in a climate controlled environment and I don't use hazardous material, so any touch screen should do.
I bought a USB 19" touch screen on ebay for $250.00. Just make sure how it hooks up to your computer, they have alot of serial port connection ones.
395  Mach Discussion / General Mach Discussion / Re: I'm stuck....K2 3925 settings. on: October 31, 2006, 03:13:40 AM
I have a K239X25 if you need any help.

I've posted the set up file here: http://www.machsupport.com/forum/index.php?board=7.0
I have the metric pertition ball screws, so you might need to tune your motor's if you don't have these.
396  Mach Discussion / Mach Screens / Re: separate preview screen design on: October 24, 2006, 08:36:18 AM
I wanted to mention that when/if (crossing my fingers) the new Flash interface is finished you'll be able to open up seaprate windows of any componet you want.

These windows can be dragged,resized,minimized,fullscreen,transparent backgrounds ext..
To test them out you would load the screen from this URL:


and open up any of these exe files on your desk top.

vileguitars.com/MachFlash/Mastercon/new connection test.zip

vileguitars.com/MachFlash/Mastercon/new connection alpha test.zip (these have transparency).

They will communicate with Mach no matter where you place them. Grin

Here is a picture of them on my desktop:

*Currently and very soon you will be able to run Mach from a web address, you will be able to control from anywhere in the world.
I find this useful for my self. Some of my projects take hours to cut out. I go up to my office and start working on the next project. I have a camera hooked up so I can watch the machine. Very soon I will be able to go on line, log in and control the machine from my office via the internet. I will have another post if any one wants to ask question or comments. Grin

397  Mach Discussion / General Mach Discussion / Re: What is a good feed rate? on: October 24, 2006, 08:04:26 AM
I had a feeling I was paying allot for router bit's  Angry. Onsrud's home base is about a half an hour away and I've heard there the best.

I'll have to try out those suggested bit and see what they can do.

Thanks for the links. I'm interested in the "chipbreakers", I usesome small 1/16 for cutting inlays and they work well.
Wonder if a 1/2 chipbreakers would give a super clean cut. I currently use downward spiral bits form my finishing cuts but they seem to dull out the quickest.
398  Mach Discussion / General Mach Discussion / Re: What is a good feed rate? on: October 22, 2006, 09:51:07 AM
Hey Chris,
Big fan of yours  Grin

Are you using the K2 39x25 (G?)?
Did you get the Steppers from K2, whats the spec's on those steppers?

I have the K2 39X25 with the upgraded Z axis, servo motors and a Porter Cable Router.
I use Onsrude carbide bit's.
I'm achieving 200 IPM in Hard Maple at about 0.002 accuracy with a 1/2 carbite bit at 0.25 depth.

The most important parts to getting fast and accurate cuts with the K2 cnc is having the upgraded Z axis,servo motors and good carbide bits. I would give K2 a call and get the servos, I believe there 300.00 for all three.

Tune your motors
If you stick to what you have and your motors are tuned correctly, jog the machine to see what kind of travel speed your getting without butchering the motors or the frame, this will be the max that your machine can handle.

After this it'll be up to your router.
Your bit should be clearing out the material giving very little resistance to the travel of the machine.
I spend around $75 a bit and they don't last long till there dull.

I would love to talk guitars and design softwear if you have the time give me an email. zealouseappex@comcast.net
I also have some screen designs that work good with the K2 machines and other stuff.
399  Mach Discussion / General Mach Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday to Art on: September 12, 2006, 10:44:59 PM
Wow!!!! do people really live that long? Huh
Your cake is going to look like a forest fire. Shocked

Happy birthday Art!
(Thats 47 spankings) Tongue

-Zealouse  Kiss
400  Mach Discussion / General Mach Discussion / Re: Digitizing ???? on: September 12, 2006, 10:39:24 PM
Looking at it agian it says Mach2 in the upper left corner Huh
but it is in Mach 3 under wizards.
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