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« on: May 19, 2008, 11:14:29 PM »
This is a sensitive drill press homemade style. I had Dumore and Servo drill presses and sold them to buy other shop things but always felt one would be nice to have. So with parts, some machining, a lot of grinding this is the finished tool. I always try to make things which can be used on other tools. The spindles, only one shown, are also used on the engraving machine. One of the things wanted out of this was the ability to mount my CNC rotary table and other holding devices, be able to adjust height witout loosing place, to name a few. The long eye relief microscope is comfortable in use and provides 9" working distance at 30x allowing for sensitive start of the drill and monitoring of drilling. All tables are ground flat, parallel and square allowing for stacking, and the spindles are easily aligned with the bed. Sensitivity is adjustable via spring tension over the rack and some mounted scales provide repeatable movements. Smallest hole drilled was #90 ( 0.010" dia ) thru 1/2 long piece of brass rod. Good old fashioned spit just seems to be the best cutting fluid.

Some specs: Weight: 80#    X travel: 2.5"   Y travel: 4"  Table to drill: 9"  Quill travel: 4"  Column to spindle: 6.5"
Spindles used: 18000 rpm variable speed via flex shaft  ( spindle was a cheapo modified to remove play and different chuck added)
                     40000 and 60000 rpm air spindles   
Bench Space: 10" x 12" x 22" high
Accessories: see my next post
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Hey Rich,
  That looks really neat. The X slide looks like a Setco or Gilman but I don't recognize the Y slide. Very unique, what make is it ?
Beautiful work. I could have used it on several occasions. I remember drilling .018" through 1/4" aluminum with an old Bridgeport....NO finger chuck either. Talk about a PITA !