UserDROs & UserLEDs

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Below is from an email from Art Fenerty to the mach1mach2cnc group:

UserDROs and UserLEDs

There are 255 user DROs and 255 User Leds.

They are used by dropping an LED or DRO on the screen, and giving it an OEM value of 1000 plus the DRO number.

So a DRO of OEM number 1001 is UserDRO #1...etc...

They can be set or controlled by the macro commands:

SetUserDRO( 1, 2.345 ); for example or SetUserLED ( 1, 1) to turn on an LED, or (1,0) to turn it off...

I found, when using a UserDRO, I had to give the DRO on screen the OEM Value 1900, and also had to use GetUserDRO( 1900 )

[not GetUserDRO( 900 ) as is stated in Art's message]